A Law of Constants

At the funeral of his girlfriend Lucy, Derek Foster met a strange man who called himself “the Redeemer.” The Redeemer had a simple message: Derek was responsible for the collapse of existence. As the years went by, Derek searched for the Redeemer, and found a profound truth: our Universe is only one of many and the Redeemer isn’t from ours. The more and more the Redeemer jumps between universes, the more unstable the forces of nature become, and everything is on the brink of collapse. Derek Foster and his colleagues at the Langdon Agency, the leading extranormal investigations agency on the planet, have to find the one physicist that can help before all is lost. For Derek Foster, it is not a race against time, it is a race to save it.



Amazon.Com Rating: 5 Stars

Great book can’t put it down.. A.P Miller books always are an easy buy worth the money. -Patrick; Amazon.Com Review