What It’s Like Being a Radio DJ.

When I sit down and look at it, I’ve lead a decently interesting life — a lot more than I would have thought when I was in high school, with absolutely no idea what I was going to do with my life.

One of the most favorite things I’ve ever done professionally was being an on-air personality for an actual radio station! I say professionally, as in “I got paid for doing it,” but truly, I would have done it for free. In 2007, every Saturday between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, I was Alan Stone: “Happy Valley’s Polite DJ” on 105.9 Joe FM (the era of 105.9 between “the Buzz” and “QWiK Rock”).

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Grief: A Blog.

Grief, by definition is “keen mental suffering over affliction or loss.” That is grief, but grief is so much more. Grief is hearing that loved one’s voice because you want so badly to speak to them that your mind is trying to reconcile your needs and your actuality. Grief is hearing a recording of that person’s voice and being reduced to tears because the timbre and cadence has torn open a scar that had hardly began to close. Grief is looking at a picture and having to be reminded again that someone you’ve held to you so dearly is gone and there is no way to reverse that affliction. Grief is absolute.

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Welcome to the Future: How Will the 1920’s Stack Up Against the 2020’s When Compared?

I’ll admit it: I hated reading the Great Gatsby the first time through. If memory serves, I didn’t like being told I had to read the novel, the substitute that was teaching the novel didn’t seem too enthused about reading it — if no one is going to give a rat’s ass whether I learned something about a novel or not, why should I? It wouldn’t be until much later that I picked up the novel again and appreciated it a lot more when I didn’t have a high school curriculum trying to homestead the furthest reaches of my colon. That, is a story for another time.

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2020: This Year is Our Year!

I remember the nicest birthday card I’d ever received — it was during a year when I needed to see it the most and from one of the people that I needed to see it the most from. The card read: “I hope this year is your year,” and I felt better upon reading it. I’m not going to lie, I can be the type of person who digs his heels in because it doesn’t feel right when someone is trying to coax me out — a high anxiety response, I’m sure. 

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Rules to Live By (According to A.P. Miller)

As a creative person, I love automation! The more routines I can pack into my day, the better, because it’s freeing up the creative centers in my brain. Things like decision trees make me absolutely euphoric, because that is brain power that can be reserved for writing a story or developing a concept. To that end, I have a list of rules that I live by that lend to the automation concept — rules that make sense to me, but maybe not to you. 

For your reading pleasure: the rules of A.P. Miller’s life.

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