Power Tools: Trello

In taking the most active approach to my writing career as I can, I’ve opted to look at my creative activity as a business, a profit generating enterprise. An essential aspect to any business, especially one that runs on cycles of creation and consumption, project management is crucial to the operation. For this week’s blog, I wanted to share one of my favorite project management tools: Trello.

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Ask An Author (With A.P. Miller) – Volume 3

After this year, I am a lot closer to achieving my writing goals and meeting my ambitions than I was last year. Alas, until the contracts are signed and the book tours are scheduled, I need to keep stretching my writing legs – I still might have some skill as an advice columnist, provided that the advice is supposed to cause more harm than help.

The emails that I’ve received for this week’s column are super specific – I think it has something to do with that holiday on Tuesday, or something. I don’t know; unless it’s stamped on my forehead, I’m usually a space case. Someone says “put on some pants, we’re leaving” and I do it – I’m a follower.

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Work In Progress: What You Can Look Forward to in My Next Novel

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) was AWESOME! I crossed the finish line and finished the draft within the confines of thirty days. I am very proud of that accomplishment, I am very proud that I’ve done it twice this year. When I was done with the first draft of the manuscript (and please understand, this work won’t see the light of day for at least 24 months), I had a work in my hand that I was very proud of and enjoyed reading.

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“Well, Duh!” – Six Obvious Signs That I Should Have Been a Writer (That I Completely Missed)

I’m having an anarchist moment — as of late, I’ve been putting out blogs focused on the people out there who have aspirations to be writers. I’m sharing any wisdom I may have gained, mostly because I have a sincere problem with the way people want you to buy their wisdom from them. I’ve always heard that “the game is to be sold, not to be told.” I don’t agree with that one bit — the way I see it, if I have information that may benefit you, I feel that it’s my obligation to share it with you! There is enough creative energy for everyone and enough room at the writer’s table for everyone to contribute a few pages to the history of humanity.

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Toe Tags N’ Body Bags: What is a “Writer’s Morgue”?

I was postulating about how I have trouble putting value into my own work — that I’ve been taking issue with what should be considered a part of my body of work and what is just scraps of prose that belong in my Writer’s Morgue.

Crickets. What is a “Writer’s Morgue?” Is that a real thing? Yes …I think so anyways. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who uses the phrase, am I? Continue reading “Toe Tags N’ Body Bags: What is a “Writer’s Morgue”?”