Advice For Beginning Writers

[DISCLAIMER]: This blog is another writer focused one — we’ll return to our regularly scheduled buffoonery next week!

More often than not, when new writers become introduced to the Writers Community across several platforms, we feel compelled to offer them advice. We don’t do this because we feel superior or the need to be revered, but because we want them to be as successful as possible. The Writing Community isn’t perfect — there are ups, downs, triumphs, & trepidation, but ultimately we are passionate people who want to see other writers succeed. Often, writers will ask other writers what their advice is for new writers as an act of inclusions into the community. For this week’s blog, I wanted to share my advice that I’d give to new writers, maybe to create a statement that can be referenced later.

[DISCLAIMER]: My advice is not definitive, or no guarantee to be useful to you. Please consider the following to be an opinion and suggestion.

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My Favorite Science Fiction Tropes

I’m going to tell you something that I don’t think you’ll believe: I’m an incredible nerd. I know: how could such a monument to concentrated sex appeal and charisma possibly indulge in fiction grounded in the fringes of popular media? I grew up loving Science Fiction (SciFi) and as an adult, I still love SciFi. Don’t believe me? If you’re ever bored and have three hours to kill, ask me about my advanced theory on the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

My love of SciFi started as a child watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I wouldn’t come out and call myself a Trekkie, but I get where their love stems from and I appreciate their passion for the subject. When you really think about what Star Trek is, it’s inspiring. Gene Roddenberry created a mythos about many peoples and species coming together for the common goal of exploring space and embracing innovation for everyone. The voyagers of the SS Enterprise existed in a time when no one lusted for money or power, no one needed for anything, and they went on expeditions for the singular purpose of betterment of everyone. It doesn’t stop there either. I was an avid reader of the X-Men comic books. In the pages of X-Men I learned equality, tolerance, acceptance, and to have a distaste for racism and classism. The X-Men, a fictional team of people who were different, taught me to be a man who had love for his fellow human beings and to welcome everyone into my realm of influence.

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Dear Apartment Community.

June 12, 2020


Re: My Apartment

Dear, Community Manager:

I don’t even know where to begin with you people, I lay awake at night wondering how you people get any sleep yourselves. I have NEVER dealt with a management company like you folks, and I’ve held my silence for WAY too long! My voice WILL be heard! You will no longer silence the masses!

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Garage Band Marketing For Independent Writers

[DISCLAIMER]: This blog post might not be the most interesting to read, unless you have aspirations to be a writer (then AWESOME! Let me know if I can be helpful in any way), are a small business owner, or are really into business concepts. I apologize for it being so loooooooong, I am just really passionate about the idea. We will return to our regularly scheduled mayhem and chicanery next week!

As an independent and self-published author, I have found that there is a lot of benefit in being active in the writing communities across social media platforms. It may seem like an innocuous congregation of creative people communicating with kindred spirits, but it’s also a crucial business concept otherwise known as “networking.” Writers come together to discuss matters of style, mechanics of grammar, storytelling approaches, and how to get people to know about your work. Apply that description to a business application: people are coming together to talk about materializing an idea, the process of assembling the product, and marketing the product. Two seemingly different worlds, but identical concepts.

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Memorandum: Call Off the Attack, The Earthlings Are Doing the Work For Us!

[DISCLAIMER]: The following text was translated from a transmission obtained during a solar emission. The grammar was repaired in translation, but some terms may have been confused. If you take issue with anything that was said in the following document, please assume that it is a translation error and couldn’t possibly be pointed at you.


TO: Emperor Gflurgganx, the most supreme leader of the Bixxad Empire

FROM: Flirggol, General of the Earth Invasion Forces

DATE: 9th of Vrolloj, in the year of Gflurgganx

RE: Invasion of Earth

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