Days of the Phoenix

Days of the Phoenix
May 7th, 2019

“In 1999, I was twenty-two & made the decision to spend the summer with a man I’d never met in person and willingly subject myself to a social experiment known as ‘The Assembly.’ Knowing myself, and how I’ve had to live with the mental affliction of severe anxiety, I knew the experience was going to be painful and excruciating. If the experiment was successful, I would find the path to an enlightened view of myself and be handed the keys to an authentic life. If the experiment were to fail, I would be in much worse shape than ever. This is the story of how the afflicted reached for remedy, how I immersed myself in the unknown and uncontrollable, and how I’d never be recognizable to myself when I made it to the other side. Always, in my memories, the summer of 1999 will be remembered as the Days of the Phoenix.”

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GoodReads.Com Rating: 4.5 Stars

Amazon.Com Rating: 5 Stars

Wonderful ReadI bought this to support the author who is an amazing friend that has helped me with my own anxiety. I couldn’t put this book down! It is very well written and everything flows brilliantly. -Chrissy; Amazon.Com Review

Must ReadIn a world right now where there is social distancing, this book really opens your eyes on not judging an individual based on appearances or self projection alone. Some people put on a show, when deep down they are truly hurting. This is why we should always be kind because you never know what each person is going through. We all put on a brave face in social and public setting, when deep down we are struggling. Also, this book reminded me to take the adventure. -K; Amazon.Com Review

A Book That Will Keep You Guessing The Whole Way to the EndA book I could not put down . It had you constantly think what would be next. Very detailed to the point you feel like you been in their shoes -Patrick; Amazon.Com Review

I really enjoyed this book. It was well written and I feel it speaks to us all on a very raw level on how we all are searching our souls to find who we are and what were really made of. It’s a perfect read for the summer! -Nicole; GoodReads.Com Review

This book was so good!!! I couldn’t put it down until I finished it!!! Enjoyed each of the characters!! I can’t wait to see if there will be a Days of the Phoenix 2!!! Love it love it love it!! -Sarah; GoodReads.Com Review