My Favorite Questions From This Week!

Before I do anything, I need to try to tell you all how tremendously grateful I am for all of the love and support that you all have given me this week! Releasing the book was absolutely terrifying; I was prepared to change my name and hit the road as one of those fortune tellers who are wrong all the time, but all of you have made this such a big moment for me. I had no idea what to expect, and you are all lovely people. In fact, some of you have come off of the “list of people who are going to get roasted in my next book;” I’m not going to confirm if you are or not, but there are a few.

Now that some folks have finished reading “Broken Promise Records,” they’ve been asking me some questions about the book, and the questions are really good! I wanted to share some of the non-spoilery questions (and my answers) with you to see if you’ve had similar experiences with the story.

Without further ado:

Which character is your favorite? It’s a tie between Hendrix and Courtney. There was a point where I’m asking myself “hasn’t Hendrix suffered enough?” I maintain the stance that their lives and the events of the book unfolded naturally and the way that Hendrix reacted to everything that happened to him in the book made me admire him. I read the book after it was published and there were lines in the book, little details, which I had completely forgotten that I’d written. In those forgotten lines were details about Courtney that made me cheer for her all over again. Each character is special in their own flawed way. I didn’t sit down to write these characters for an intended purpose, they just began to exist and live.

What kind of music did you listen to when writing a book about musicians? – There is a list of bands in the back of the book that I equate with each of the bands in the story. For background noise, I tried to listen to as much instrumental music as possible so that the lyrics wouldn’t distract me and that the stories in the song didn’t bleed into the story that I was writing. Listening to music helped me develop the characters a lot; when I wasn’t actually typing, I’d have the bands in the back playing and I was able to visualize these characters in their element, and that’s when their strongest moments revealed themselves. Thinking about these strong moments helped reveal their weak moments that had to be overcome.

Is there stuff you weren’t able to include in the book? Is there enough to write a sequel? – There is definitely stuff that I wasn’t able to include in the book, and I’m certainly thinking about a follow up to “Broken Promise Records.” One of ideas that I’m toying with is a prequel collection of short stories that show what these characters were like when they didn’t have control over circumstance. Based on who these characters are, I think a traditional sequel would be an insult; their story is unorthodox, and any continued telling of their story would have to be as well.

Were there any characters based on people that you know in real life? – Nope. It’s entirely fiction. If I borrowed anything from the actual life I lead, it would have to be the locations and background scenes these people were in. I always pictured the house on West Street as a house that my uncle bought and renovated, it had railroad tracks right in front of the house, and I loved that building. The exterior scenes are based on places that actually exist, but the people and the events that happen are original.

I love answering these kinds of questions; if you have one, just ask! I appreciate the time you’re taking to read the book, and your reviews are supremely appreciated. Thank you for sharing the page, and taking the time to let me know that you’ve bought the book!


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