Punk Rawk Playlist!

I posted on my personal Facebook page about how much I missed those “Punk-O-Rama” sampler CD’s — seriously, they were like $3.00 for thirty songs, and they rocked. I discovered a lot of my favorite angsty teenaged tunes on those CD’s. That got me thinking about some of my favorite punk songs and how angry I used to get about bands that people would call punk that weren’t really punk (in my opinion) and how many sub-genres there really were.

After that, I made the awful mistake of YouTubing the phrase “What is punk?” The results nearly gave me an anger stroke, so I’m not going to go there.

One of the coolest things I remember doing in my youth was making and trading “mix CD’s,” as much as I enjoyed it, my friends Matt and Mike were even better at it. In honoring those treasured memories, I’ve made a list of my favorite punk songs that I want you all to enjoy! Feel free to share your favorites in the comments!

Note: This is just a sampling of my taste in punk music, it is not ranked in any sort of definitive order.

  1. “Alien” by Pennywise
  2. “Veteran” by Ignite
  3. “My Brain is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)” by the Ramones
  4. “Rock the Casbah” by the Clash
  5. “Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’tve)” by the Buzzcocks
  6. “Earth vs. Spider” by Michale Graves
  7. “Sorrow” by Bad Religion
  8. “Maxwell Murder” by Rancid
  9. “Skulls” by the Misfits
  10. “True Romance” by Tiger Army
  11. “She Dominates” by Blitzkid
  12. “Totalimmortal” by AFI
  13. “We’ve Had Enough” by Alkaline Trio

Considering that I could have made a list completely dedicated to the Misfits, or Michale Graves (and the related bands therein), I think this list came out pretty decent. I could type about music all day; that’s why my first book was about a band.

Until next time: Punk Rawk!

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