Read, because not everyone has the privilege of the ability.

Read, because it can silence the riot in your mind.

Read, because there is a wide world in the pages of the book that can take you anywhere you want to go.

Read, because the wisdom inside of a book is the one thing that the world cannot take away from you.

Read, because the written word is how we keep track of who we’ve been, where we’ve been, and to give life to the dreams of who we want to be and where we belong.

Read, because someone cared enough to commit a specific combination of words to the page with the sole intention of having someone like you consume them.

Read, because it is your duty as a citizen of this Earth to be informed about what is going on in the world around you.

Read, because someone has endured what you are going through and they have written down the insight on how they made it through to the other side of ordeal.

Read, because you may discover the answers before you have to ask the questions.

Read, because the written word is so powerful that it can make you laugh, cry, become angry, and fall in love — often times, you can choose when the words will do that to you.

Read, because the instructions to build the life you want for yourself is waiting for you inside of a book.

Read, because language is an inexhaustible resource; millions of people can gather an idea from the same book, and that same book will be fresh and new for the next stable of millions waiting to read it.

Read, because knowledge is power and you have the ability to wield it.

Read, because you have the power of choice to decide what information you consume and to filter the bias that you don’t want to be fed.

Read, because no one has ever read to death …I don’t think; it’s the one vice that you cannot have too much of.

Read, because there is joy to be found.

Read, because there are laughs to be had.

Read, because there are memories to relive.

Read, for whatever reason you want, not because I told you to. …just read.

Days of the Phoenix, the sophomore novel by A.P. Miller, is available exclusively on on May 7th, 2019!

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