Weeks of the Phoenix: How Do You Get Invited to the Assembly?

In “Days of the Phoenix,” our main character is declaring that he will free himself of the shackles of mental illness and he will find an authentic and true version of himself in the throes of the social experiment known as “the Assembly.” How the main character gets into the Assembly is for you to find out after you order your book on May 7th, the question at hand is, how would you, as an individual, get into the Assembly?

The good news is, I’m something of an authority on the matter, so I’ll give you some inside clue as to how you could find yourself in the middle of the project designed to free the most authentic version of yourself:

Option One: Make sure you buy a copy of “Days of the Phoenix” on May 7th – I know; groan. But seriously, buy the book.

Option Two: Know someone – like any social situation, there are regulars and those regulars have a socially implied authority. Now, because this project is so sacred, those regulars are going to know if you are going to contribute to the transformative energy that is found at the Assembly — if you fit the bill, you could find yourself rubbing elbows with incredible people on a metaphysical level.

Option Three: Be chosen – Those who run the Assembly are always looking for the pure and interesting of spirit; this state of spirit comes from being pure and joyful on the inside — no one can be spewing sunshine out of themselves all the time, but to have your decisions and actions dictated by good intent. Living this way will certainly get you noticed by the powers that be. Should they locate your spirit and find you worthy, then they will not only invite you to be a regular, but perhaps to also keep the company of the court, or the innermost circle of the Assembly.

Option Four: Espionage and Subterfuge – Who is ruling out unsavory methods of getting in? No one can say that you can’t sneak your way in, but here’s the catch: you’ll be found out exceptionally quickly. What is done in the dark of your heart will be illuminated like a spotlight, and the beautiful moment will find a way to remove you from it.

Option Five: Tell a friend – There are folks in the Assembly who are trying to make connection, trying to find bonds with other people – should you arrive at the doors of the Assembly with a kindred spirt and you both or accepting of the Assembly culture, you will find your way inside the doors. Once inside, it is then up to you to contribute to the energy more than you benefit from it. So, tell your friends about “Days of the Phoenix.”

On May 7th, the Assembly can be yours to have and to hold by picking up your copy of “Days of the Phoenix,” exclusively on Amazon.Com!

Until your next trip across the Millerverse!

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