Book of the Boss: My Favorite Bruce Springsteen Stories

It’s said that a Storyteller can spot another Storyteller from a great distance away. As a storyteller myself, I don’t have to look much further than my CD collection to tell you that Bruce Springsteen is one of my favorite storytellers. Before you get up in arms about Bruce Springsteen not being a writer, I have to point out that he is. In addition to being a brilliant composer, the Boss is quite obviously a writer. If we think about stories in simple terms: there is pre-conflict, conflict, and the new normal — Bruce Springsteen’s ballads have that and a lot more.

More than that, the great stories of human history began as oral traditions before the written language was utilized. Around a campfire, an elder would regale the youth of their people with stories of their history. Is Bruce Springsteen really doing anything different?

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Concerts: My Favorite Place to Meet People

At 34 years old, sometimes I feel like I am trying to play a younger man’s game when I go to a concert. It doesn’t help that my favorite concerts to go to are the small club shows where the walls are black and you have no choice but to be up close and personal with a bunch of people you don’t know. I go for the music, stay for the experience, and leave with the feelings.

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“Well, Duh!” – Six Obvious Signs That I Should Have Been a Writer (That I Completely Missed)

I’m having an anarchist moment — as of late, I’ve been putting out blogs focused on the people out there who have aspirations to be writers. I’m sharing any wisdom I may have gained, mostly because I have a sincere problem with the way people want you to buy their wisdom from them. I’ve always heard that “the game is to be sold, not to be told.” I don’t agree with that one bit — the way I see it, if I have information that may benefit you, I feel that it’s my obligation to share it with you! There is enough creative energy for everyone and enough room at the writer’s table for everyone to contribute a few pages to the history of humanity.

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