Poet’s Day 2018 – Super(nova)

Happy Poet’s Day!

I had no idea that such an observance existed, but when it comes to art, literature, and the humanities, I’m always willing to celebrate. It’s coincidence that Poet’s Day has arrived this month, as I had just been assembling some of my own — I picked up a copy of “Our Numbered Days” by Neil Hilborn and I’ve been very inspired. Continue reading “Poet’s Day 2018 – Super(nova)”

Lyric Study: The Sultans of Swing

When we think about vehicles to tell stories with, the obvious come to mind: novels, short stories, television, and movies even. Do we, as consumers of fiction, give enough credit to songs as vehicles for a story to be conveyed? The short answer is: songs are one of the supreme storytelling methods. This week, I’m going to talk about my favorite example: “The Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits. Continue reading “Lyric Study: The Sultans of Swing”