With Gratitude.

Next week, most of the United States will be sitting down to dinner with friends and family, all in the sake of gratitude. They will toast the things they are thankful for, and then likely go brawl with each other in the stores looking for the best Green Friday (that’s what retail workers have to call it) Deals that make the trip and the lost sleep worth it. It’s the American way.

Since Mom passed away, I’ve meditated a lot on how she saw the world and how I can benefit from that point of view. People from all across the world will tell you that there is benefit in grounding yourself in a place where you feel compelled to say “thank you.” Business people, religious leaders, home makers, all share the same opinion on being grateful. For that reason, I like to live in gratitude every day. Since we’re celebrating an occasion, allow me to share my reasons to be grateful:

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