Weekly Roundup: Weezer Blessed the Rains Down in Africa!

The highlight of my week? Weezer releasing their cover of “Africa” by Toto. I’m not a huge fan of Weezer, but I do like the song and I think they did it exceptionally well. It sounded kind of demo-ish, but that’s the charm of it. Weezer’s cover gets my thumbs up approval.

Is it vaguebooking if it’s on your own blog? All I’m going to say is that there is no place on this Earth for bigotry and racism; I’ve been watching a lot less television and I think it’s for the best.

How can people who support a political leader that condemns opposing news outlets of being “fake news” share facebook infographics that are photoshopped and exist only for the sake of furthering propaganda? I’m not leaning left or right, but the people who do have an uncanny ability to find self-aggrandizing pictures and share them like the Gospel according to Zuckerberg.

To all identity thieves, fraudsters, and anyone who falls in line with the aforementioned: you are pieces of shit. You aren’t rebelling against the system, you aren’t Robin Hood — you are parasites, leeching off the unsuspecting. May every form of genital rot come your way and may it take your ability to reproduce the day before a cure is found.

If I were going to join a cult, it would be one that follows the prophetic teachings of Kid Kelly, the host of Backtrax USA.

I realized how much nonsense comes out of my mouth just to get a laugh. Making people laugh makes me feel good, like I have a purpose. If I can make someone laugh, then I’ve made a moment where they feel levity and whatever may have been bothering them from the moment before isn’t so bad.

Nothing ruins my day like watching YouTube videos of eight-year-olds playing guitar like the pros. I’ve been trying to play guitar since I was seventeen years old and I feel accomplished that I can somewhat play “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” then seven year old Beethoven Von Jimi Hendrix Junior comes along, picks up a guitar and rips out a song that I can’t play (mostly because my fingers are lazy) and their parents just happen to be videotaping it. The only thing that comforts me is the hope that maybe they’ve got stage parents who are making them practice for twenty hours a day.

Any time I catch myself saying “why I can’t I have that kind of life?,” it’s because anxiety is in control of that moment. Upon realizing this, I can’t help but to mourn for the moments that anxiety has robbed me of. If I’ve ever stepped in your way because of being like that, I sincerely apologize.

I saw a turtle that had been hit along the side of the road recently — I was too late to realize what I had seen, or else I would have stopped and helped the poor guy. Since then, the turtles have been coming out of the woodwork and I am extremely proud of, and grateful to, everyone who has stopped to help them.

There is a meme floating around the internet that the song that was number one on your fourteenth birthday defines your life. Joke’s on you, A.P. Miller, it was “What’s This Life For?” by Creed.

Did you know that the first three chapters of “Broken Promise Records” is available online to be sampled? Check it out here.

Until next time, I’ll see you on the other side of the Millerverse.

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