Weeks of the Phoenix: Creating The Assembly

How boring of a name for something with so much grandeur! That was an intentional design – the Assembly is a social experiment where people can shed their every day selves and let the brilliant flames inside be seen on the outside. Boring exterior with an interesting subtext. The name and the function are perfect for each other.

While I was conceptualizing “Days of the Phoenix,” the most broad version of the concept was “social experiment,” and “being who you are without aesthetics getting in the way.” It didn’t have to be an assembly, it could have been anything: a bunch of introverts getting together to play smash mouth basketball, drag rang in a big store parking lot, an MMORPG, or an actual experiment where people’s brain chemicals were being altered. A few simple criteria had to be met: it had to be where people, who wouldn’t associate with each other otherwise, were grouped together; the second criteria had to be a platform where people could reveal their truest selves.

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Weeks of the Phoenix: Creating Simon Bellinger

For the entire month of April, we are going to be leading up to the release of “Days of the Phoenix” (available May 7th, EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon.Com) with information about the book and why you should be as excited as I am to read it!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the premise of the novel: a man spends a summer with a man that he’s only ever met on the internet to participate in a social experiment, hoping to find the most authentic sense of himself possible. The internal struggle and the conflict of the main character is all the fun in reading the book, so I’m not going to spoil that for you. I do, however, want to share one of the most important premise aspects with you: the internet friend.

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Trade Secrets: Writing “Days of the Phoenix”

I am still trucking away at National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) — hopefully, by November 30th, I will have a first draft to a brand new novel! Your words of encouragement and positivity are greatly appreciated.
While I’m working on my next novel, I have a novel in the chamber that I am getting ready to release. That novel is titled “Days of the Phoenix” and I am very excited about the project. I have heard some great feedback from my Beta Readers and right now it’s just a waiting game — I am trying to investigate the traditional publishing route with this book, but I’ve always got the self-publishing ability in my pocket. Regardless, a novel that I think is a better read than “Broken Promise Records” is close to being in your hands!

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Literary Kryptonite: My Biggest Hurdles When Writing

I had some excellent feedback when I posted my blog about encouraging other people to write — that couldn’t have made me happier. I have this vision about how creative energy works: I see it as this benevolent, evolving energy that transcends physics and travels through unexplored realms of the Universe, sustaining itself on these artistic contributions from everyone who can feel it. There is enough of this energy for all of us and room for you to contribute. When someone tells me that I helped encourage them to pick up a pen and write, that makes me very happy, like I’m helping the creative energy traverse creation. Continue reading “Literary Kryptonite: My Biggest Hurdles When Writing”

Things I Want My Readers to Know About Me

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