Grief: A Blog.

Grief, by definition is “keen mental suffering over affliction or loss.” That is grief, but grief is so much more. Grief is hearing that loved one’s voice because you want so badly to speak to them that your mind is trying to reconcile your needs and your actuality. Grief is hearing a recording of that person’s voice and being reduced to tears because the timbre and cadence has torn open a scar that had hardly began to close. Grief is looking at a picture and having to be reminded again that someone you’ve held to you so dearly is gone and there is no way to reverse that affliction. Grief is absolute.

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Trade Secrets: Writing “Days of the Phoenix”

I am still trucking away at National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) — hopefully, by November 30th, I will have a first draft to a brand new novel! Your words of encouragement and positivity are greatly appreciated.
While I’m working on my next novel, I have a novel in the chamber that I am getting ready to release. That novel is titled “Days of the Phoenix” and I am very excited about the project. I have heard some great feedback from my Beta Readers and right now it’s just a waiting game — I am trying to investigate the traditional publishing route with this book, but I’ve always got the self-publishing ability in my pocket. Regardless, a novel that I think is a better read than “Broken Promise Records” is close to being in your hands!

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