Broken Promise Records – The Extended Epilogues

You’re reactions to “Broken Promise Records” has been absolutely amazing — it’s made me very proud of my work and has done wonders for my self esteem! One of the regular comments I get is how much the Epilogue is appreciated, the blurbs about how the main character’s lives may have met resolution. For this week’s blog, I wanted to offer an extended epilogue, tell you how the minor character’s lives may have gone.

[WARNING]: You might be entering spoiler country – if you have not read “Broken Promise Records,” get with the program and buy your copy here.

Holly Watanabe attended college for a while, but couldn’t find the strength to buckle down and was eventually consumed by the party girl lifestyle. After dropping out of college, she went on a serious drinking binge and ended up in a pretty serious car accident. Part of her physical therapy included spiritual therapy and Holly immersed herself in Buddhism. The last anyone has ever heard of her, Holly was on a plane headed for South China to go backpacking. Friends and family like to think she found happiness and enlightenment, but no postcards or letters have been received.

Hitomi “Thunder” Kano had two children and took to motherhood like fish take to water. Hitomi’s children had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and so Hitomi consumed every book that she could on the condition. While drastically different than her reckless youth, Hitomi engineered a routine and lifestyle that not only met her children’s social needs, but helped them flourish. While her sons were at school, Hitomi started a blog and that ultimately lead to a book deal. Hitomi Kano is on her third book and is often looked up to as an “experience expert” by other moms going through the same thing.

Kevin & Constance Goss’s marriage didn’t last long after Danny’s funeral. “Connie the Terrible” took to drinking heavily, having to realize that if she had been more attentive to Danny after Chelsea’s ordeal, that Danny might have been able to reach out to her more. Constance Goss lost her battle with cirrhosis of the liver recently. Kevin Goss sold his lighting fixture business and began establishing humanitarian organizations in his son’s memory. The Daniel Goss Suicide Outreach specializes in funding and marketing prevention resources and connecting kids who need help with those who can give it. Every year on Danny’s birthday, Kevin organizes a fundraiser concert with local acts playing on the bill. Kev’ never sticks around to meet anyone, usually because he’s spending the day at the cemetery.

Gus Shaver was picked up by a satellite radio company – the whole “discovering local bands” became a novelty in the pioneering days of premium satellite radio. Gus was on air for two or three years before the life of big city radio DJ became too much for him. Having walked away from the paycheck, Gus spent the rest of his days hosting “the Groundswell” on local, terrestrial radio. He had a stroke and spent the rest of his days in a nursing community. Every week, local bands would still send him CD’s and tapes of their music – relatives said that when Gus would receive packages of local music, he’d light up like Christmas. He passed away peacefully.

Brady Dosser ended up getting married to one of the local girls in Duncannon Valley – he’d be married three times. Brady is currently in jail for domestic assault. There are varying stories around the Guilty Lizard as to hat actually happened — the most popular story is that Brady’s girlfriend poked fun at his limp and called him a loser for never making it as a drummer. He’s up for parole next month, but it doesn’t look good for him.

Chuck Finch died shortly after Hendrix sold the record label. Hendrix invited everyone to a big party to celebrate; while it was good to see old friends, something felt different. Chuck went back home and got into an argument with his dad, who pulled a revolver on his only son. Chuck died instantly – the elder Finch will spend the rest of his natural days in prison.

Chelsea Kramer-Martin didn’t speak to her parents after Danny’s funeral, especially after the lawsuit they filed against the Goss family. She married Justin Martin and they had two kids together. When they were old enough, she explained to her son and daughter what she had done in her youth and who Danny was. The conversation wasn’t nearly as serious as Chelsea would have needed it to be, but it was as cathartic as she was ever going to get. She is the number one pharmaceutical rep for Dyna Applied Sciences, who have donated the services staff psychiatrists to use by the Daniel Goss Suicide Outreach.

Every time I revisit these characters, it’s like bringing them to life all over again. Thank you for your continued support of “Broken Promise Records” and my other works.


See you Across the Millerverse!


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