Casting Call: The Main Characters of Broken Promise Records: Remastered

On September 8th, the release of Broken Promise Records: Remastered will be available EXCLUSIVELY through Amazon.Com and I couldn’t be more excited! This book and its first release has absolutely changed my life and I couldn’t be more excited about the re-release with boatloads of additional content, a fresh re-edit, and a brand new fifteenth chapter!

One of the biggest joys I’ve gotten out of writing this book was how the characters came to life and were more like friends than creations. I want you to get jazzed about this book and so for this week’s blog, I’m giving you the inside look at who the major players are in the Broken Promise Records world!

The Story:

A group of musicians from a small town in Central Pennsylvania decide they are going to cut out on their own and live life on their own terms. When the lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter gets into an auto accident and nearly dies on the operating table, he wakes up knowing that he has to do something with his life or else all of the nay-sayers would be right. 

The Cast:

Hendrix Wilson – the vocalist and guitar player for local outfit “Echolocation.” Hendrix is the glue that holds the band together, finds himself being the voice of reason in chaotic situations, and has a burning desire to make his own way no matter the cost. After nearly dying on the operating table, Hendrix leaves the hospital knowing that life is short and that he had an obligation to himself to make the best go at this life before his time really was up.

Anthony “Antics” Reams – Drummer for Echolocation. Antics grew up in severe poverty and in a home that didn’t support him whatsoever — because of that, Antics grew up insecure and having no self-worth. When the opportunity arose, Antics’ friends encouraged him to leave his parents’ house and move in with the band. Easily the best choice for the boy, as playing drums helped him find a strength within himself that the world around him tried to bury.

Danny Goss – Before coming to the band, Danny was involved in an emotional bloodbath that only stoked his already raging fires. Danny’s homelife isn’t great and there are times when he feels that all he has in life is his rage. Danny’s style is fast and aggressive, his speed fueled by the unhealthy emotional turmoil that is going on inside of him. It was once said, “anger is more useful than despair,” so perhaps Danny will be able to turn some of that rage into a positive outcome for himself and his bandmates.

Kim Kanagawa – “Kimmy,” as her twin sister calls her, has big dreams of being a star and ridiculously famous …there’s only one problem: Kim has stage fright …and people fright …and just about everything fright. Kim wants to be like her sister Roni: outgoing and beloved by everyone. Sometimes when the want is so bad, when it seems like not one of your dreams is obtainable, you reach for methods to get ahead that might not be good for you. Kim has choices to make and they might not always be good ones.

Veronica “Roni” Kanagawa – Being popular always came easy to Roni, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t see her sister suffering. Veronica Kanagawa always went out of her way to make sure that Kimmy was included and that someone was looking out for her. When Roni started learning to play the guitar, Kimmy tagged along, and actually found that she had a talent for singing. The only way Roni was going to reach for a piece of the dream was to bring her twin sister along. Can Roni stand by while Kim has choices to make and not know which ones will hurt her the worst?

Lori Marshall – Lori’s parents are terrible human beings. They are more consumed with what is going on in their lives and too preoccupied to see that their middle daughter is functionally dying inside. It’s no secret to anyone close to her that Lori cuts — the cutting is only one of the self-destructive obsessions that Lori Marshall has. Lori’s friends can only be around her so many hours of the day, what other kind of bodily harm could Lori do to herself? Is it necessarily bodily harm or Lori’s already twisted nature working against her?

Courtney Black – Courtney comes from South Dakota, having left her parents house in adolescent rebellion. Echolocation had an ad for a bass player and Courtney needed a band to play in — but she has no interest in being a den mother to three boys when there is so much life to live. Courtney can hardly take care of herself, let alone three boys who should be able to live their lives by now. When a friend needs Courtney, can she be emotionally invested in that friend when everyone else around her is hurting? How can she tend to their wounds when her own aren’t healing?

I may have a little bias, but I am super excited to see these characters on the page again. I have a paternal attachment to them — I watched them grow and develop, and it felt like a loss when I set them free to be consumed by the book reading public. This has been a fantastic opportunity to relive an incredibly magic moment for me.

Broken Promise Records: Remastered will be available on September 8th, EXCLUSIVELY at! The full length novel will be available in Paperback and Kindle formats. Make sure you get your copy!

Until your next trip across the Millerverse!

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