CASTING CALL: The Characters of A Law of Constants

The countdown to “A Law of Constants,” available EXCLUSIVELY through Amazon.Com on February 23rd, continues! Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about the things that have inspired the idea for the story, now let’s get into the meat of what you are about to read. For this week’s blog, I want to introduce you to the characters you’re going to meet in the pages of my next novel: A Law of Constants.

In no particular order:

Senior Investigations Agent, Derek Foster – Derek Foster is a closed off shell of a man who wears sharp suits and personifies punctuality. Would you be much different if you had to identify the mutilated remains of the woman that you were going to propose to/ To distract himself from the perpetual heartbreak of a senseless tragedy, Derek throws himself into his work at the Langdon Agency — extra-normal investigations specialists. Specifically, Derek is tracking down a man he met at his girlfriend’s funeral — a man who identifies himself as “the Redeemer.” The Redeemer greeted Derek with a bold revelation: Derek was responsible for the end of everything, and the Redeemer had no choice but to kill him for it. 

Investigations Agent, Raquel Ortiz — 20 years after the events of “Days of the Phoenix,” Raquel has abandoned her mother’s hopes she’d become a doctor in favor of seeking the truth everyone else has been afraid to look for. As Derek Foster’s subordinate, Raquel has forsaken the requisites of a normal life. She hasn’t married, had children, or bought the dream house with the white picket fence. When the investigation into the Redeemer takes turns for the worst, Derek knows that Raquel is the only one he can count on, whether he likes it or not.

Lucille Desmond – Sold into a science experiment by her parents, Lucille kept herself sane by caring for the smaller children, or “Littles,” at the compound. Out of nowhere, the experiments became cold and cruel, isolating Lucille from her Littles, and eventually using her as a human test subject in a gravity experiment. Years later, Lucille found something normal and healthy, but all of that was taken away from her by the Redeemer. Lucille is holding onto hope she can return to her normal life with the man she loves, but she has to help Derek Foster and Raquel Ortiz get through the Redeemer first.

Dr. Julian Tennant – On paper, the man doesn’t exist. There’s no birth certificate, no driver’s license, no voting records, or employment history. Despite being a functional apparition, his name is on the tongue of everyone who has traveled through the breaches between our universe and the countless others. Dr. Tennant is known to be the foremost expert on how the compartments of the Multiverse interact with each other and may very well hold the key to being able to travel to any combination of time and circumstance the heart could desire. Perhaps that’s why the Redeemer is trying so hard to find him — but what is so special about Dr. Tennant that the Redeemer is willing to kill him?

The Redeemer – Just ask him, he’s not the bad guy! When he’s successful in completing his quest for Redemption, you and I won’t even remember all the harm he caused. To some people there are causes so righteous, so important, that other lives are inconsequential. It’s funny how time and space works, how relative it all is. When the Redeemer is successful, everyone gets to keep on living their best lives. The air will smell sweeter, the water will taste fresher, and kisses will be even more electric than they’d ever been before. …but what if he’s not successful? What if Derek Foster, Raquel Ortiz, Lucille Desmond, and Dr. Tennant are able to stop him before the Redeemer can set things right? That answer is simple: if the Redeemer can’t correct the wrongs in his life, then there will simply be no life left for anyone.

A Law of Constants” is available on February 23rd, EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon.Com! I am super excited for this project to get into your hands, and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Until your next trip across the Millerverse!

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