The Revelation of John (Titor)

We’re getting closer to February 23rd, when my next novel “A Law of Constants” is available for sale, EXCLUSIVELY through Amazon.Com! “A Law of Constants” is the Science Fiction thriller about the Multiverse Madman, the Redeemer, and how his one-man mission of mercy is tearing the very fabric of time and space apart at the threads! When all seems lost, it’s up to Derek Foster and Raquel Ortiz (as appeared in 2019’s “Days of the Phoenix”) of the Langdon Agency to stop the Redeemer before time runs out. Can two of the brightest extra-normal investigators, along with a woman who has been dead for almost twenty years, and a physicist no one can find, save everything we know and love? Only one way to find out: pick up your copy of “A Law of Constants” on February 23rd, EXCLUSIVELY through Amazon.Com!

In last week’s blog, I talked about the time I heard a radio-signal get dropped like a bad habit because the host of a radio show and a caller were talking about a time traveler. Since that night, I had been obsessed with trying to find everything about the guy that I could. For this week’s blog, I wanted to share with you some of the more interesting things I’d found out about John Titor (pronounced: Tee-tor), and some of the concepts that sparked the idea for “A Law of Constants.”

[DISCLAIMER]: None of the claims mentioned in this blog have been proven factually accurate and should not be taken as a declaration of facts. Proceed with caution.

In the age of the early Internet (approx-2000), we were all huddled around televisions and radios afraid that the Y2k bug was going to wipe us off the face of the Earth. Meanwhile, in cyberspace, a user by the name of TimeTravel_0 was on a rudimentary chat relay client, claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2036. The Internet being the Internet, a lot of people called Titor’s theories a hoax and fraudulent. Still, the Internet being the Internet, a lot of people hung on to his theories like they may be the next gospels, your’s truly included.

Here are just a few of Titor’s claims:

  1. The many-worlds, or Multiverse, theory is correct. Meaning, every time there is a choice to be made, a universe exists where that choice was made. Say you had to choose between going to see two different movies. In one universe, you saw movie A. In another universe, you saw movie B. In another universe entirely, you didn’t go to the movies at all, and so one.
  2. John’s timeline and ours have about a 3% differentiation. So while we both live on Planet Earth, several minor things are very different. Things like books that were written in his universe, weren’t written in ours. Books in our universe weren’t written in his. The results of sporting events might be different and certain weather events never occurred.
  3. In John’s universe, a second civil war erupted because of conflict surrounding an upcoming Presidential election. The war wasn’t between states, but between people who lived in rural areas and urban areas. After the war broke out, one half of the country elected to remain in the United Nations, while the other did not. After the civil war, a brief World War 3 broke out and a few nuclear bombings occurred on U.S. soil.
  4. John claims that he was sent back in time to retrieve an old computer in the 1970’s — the IBM-5100 — because of its ability to interface with the operating mainframes of other computer systems. At the time, this function of the IBM-5100 was not public knowledge, and was recently confirmed as accurate.
  5. Titor claims that cable television is no longer a commodity (f*** YOU, Comcast!) and most people entertain themselves with home-produced entertainment and that family unity is very important. After the civil war in Titor’s timeline, the country broke apart into five different regions. After a civil war in any capacity, the family you hold near and dear become even more important.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend that you look into John Titor’s chatlogs and message board posts. Even if they are all fiction, it’s still a fascinating read.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog, I hope you are super excited for “A Law of Constants” to hit the shelves at, and I’ll see you on your next trip across the Millerverse!

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