Story Time: Sylvia

Even as a grown man, there is no name that sends the needles of dread traversing up my spine more than “Sylvia.” I’ve never seen her, but I am painfully aware of her — I know people who have claimed to have seen her, but never for myself. I consider myself fortunate to that degree.

To those who know of Sylvia, you know exactly where I mean when I say “Janesville Mountain.” To those unfamiliar with the cluster of sleepy mountain villages that I called home, picture a secluded road along a mountain pass obscured in shadow — it’s one hundred miles through pine trees and thin air from Pittsburgh, more than two hundred from the Philadelphia direction. It’s the kind of road that you hold your breath when you drive on it, that you turn up your radio when the sun is setting, and you opt for the extra length of the Interstate when night falls.

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Story Time – Behold, The Wicked Wind – Halloween 2018

Behold, The Wicked Wind
By: A.P. Miller

Wolf Rocks, Appalachian Mountains – Halloween, 1910.
Bad magic usually comes with a few rules: utmost faith and keeping your mouth shut about what you had seen is usually chief amongst the unwritten regulations to be followed. Keeping that in mind, the long line of people waiting to get inside of the cabin was much longer than should be, if everyone had been abiding by the rules. The night was thick with unseasonable humidity, a bad moon had cast a wicked glow over everyone that was waiting, and a dense mist was rising from the stream that flowed nearby. The combination of cool grass underfoot and the beads of sweat pouring from the brow was a tad disorienting.

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Story Time – Her Favorite Suggested Sentence – Halloween 2018

Her Favorite Suggested Sentence
By: A.P. Miller

Brenton Halloway’s face was contorted in horror; his mouth was agape, the wrinkles on his leathered face pulled taught by his jaw, blood splashed over every visible aspect of the man’s anatomy, and a few limbs were no longer in their natural position. The single vehicle accident had been an orchestra of twisted metal and mayhem of flesh and bone that cannot be conceived by someone who had a sincere interest in living. The rural road was now home to an uprooted tree, shrubs charred by the engine fire that had ensued upon impact, and a blanket of finely shattered glass that had once been a windshield. Then, there was the body. Continue reading “Story Time – Her Favorite Suggested Sentence – Halloween 2018”

Story Time – Fireside Confessional – Halloween 2018

Fireside Confessional
By: A.P. Miller

People just don’t party in the woods like they used to. Sydney George could remember a time in her life when she and her friends would take sleeping bags, a few cases of beer, and enough something to burn to keep the party going until the sun started coming up. Then life happened. People got older, they had kids, bought houses, and had responsibility. Despite every promise they had made to each other when they were graduating, Syndey’s close circle of friends just didn’t keep in contact the way they were supposed to. Continue reading “Story Time – Fireside Confessional – Halloween 2018”

Story Time – The Salem Legacy – Halloween 2018

The Salem Legacy
By: A.P. Miller

I remember being in high school and learning about our town’s charter in Local History. At the time, I was having a real problem with being told what to do – I couldn’t stand my parents, the school administration didn’t have clue number one about how to herd the building full of teenage beasts that were called students, and there was no social respite from the patriarchy from the mouth-breathing social scene of backwoods Pennsylvania. I hated everything about that town and turned that energy towards undermining every single value that the town was formed on. Continue reading “Story Time – The Salem Legacy – Halloween 2018”