Story Time – Her Favorite Suggested Sentence – Halloween 2018

Her Favorite Suggested Sentence
By: A.P. Miller

Brenton Halloway’s face was contorted in horror; his mouth was agape, the wrinkles on his leathered face pulled taught by his jaw, blood splashed over every visible aspect of the man’s anatomy, and a few limbs were no longer in their natural position. The single vehicle accident had been an orchestra of twisted metal and mayhem of flesh and bone that cannot be conceived by someone who had a sincere interest in living. The rural road was now home to an uprooted tree, shrubs charred by the engine fire that had ensued upon impact, and a blanket of finely shattered glass that had once been a windshield. Then, there was the body. Continue reading “Story Time – Her Favorite Suggested Sentence – Halloween 2018”