My Moments In History: The Death of Superman

I was at a friends’ house recently, and the topic of Billy Joel came up. I remember the first time I’d ever heard “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” which was subsequently my first Billy Joel song I’d ever heard. The video was powerful — the images of flames, the family dynamic falling apart, really a masterwork of visual storytelling layered over lyrical storytelling. Billy Joel had taken all of the histories that happened in his lifetime and put it into song.

I thought that was such a cool thing to do, and I wanted to incorporate it into my blog, as a regular piece like “Ask An Author.” So, welcome to the first edition of “My Moments in History,” where I’ll be chronicling where I was when certain events in history happened.

This week’s addition: the Death of Superman.

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Story Time – The Salem Legacy – Halloween 2018

The Salem Legacy
By: A.P. Miller

I remember being in high school and learning about our town’s charter in Local History. At the time, I was having a real problem with being told what to do – I couldn’t stand my parents, the school administration didn’t have clue number one about how to herd the building full of teenage beasts that were called students, and there was no social respite from the patriarchy from the mouth-breathing social scene of backwoods Pennsylvania. I hated everything about that town and turned that energy towards undermining every single value that the town was formed on. Continue reading “Story Time – The Salem Legacy – Halloween 2018”