Do You Remember How Dope MySpace Surveys Were?

I know you didn’t open up this blog expecting a history lesson, but you’re getting one anyway. Picture it, mid-2000’s, a time before your grandmother using the Facebook status to search for recipes, an era before your creepy uncle and his sex offender registry profile picture popped up as a suggestion to be friends, there was a website where you could be yourself — or at least the self you wanted to be. Before there was “Repost this or Jesus is going to kill kids with cancer,” “This pot-belly pig needs a kidney transplants and a million likes,” or fake news, there was MySpace. Half the fun of participating in MySpace was the MySpace profile survey.

There was no greater clarion call to honesty, no command for undiluted honesty, than the MySpace survey. The statement, nay, declaration of personal truths was between one-hundred-fifty and two hundred questions, and a really good opportunity to guess the answers to someone’s bank security questions. So, to celebrate such a historic milestone as the MySpace profile, I am completing a MySpace Profile Survey!

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