Hurricane Preparation for Writers

By the time you are reading this, I am likely in my house, where there is no power — it will likely be so hot and humid that I will forsake clothes for the entirety of my lifetime. Such a quality of existence will likely trigger baser and predatory instincts that have long been buried in my bloodline’s DNA for millennia. I will be less of the author and writer that you love, and more of the beast-man that I have evolved from. Let it been known, brave readers, that my bloodline did not evolve from apes. We evolved from the Sasquatch — the type of Sasquatch that gets hangry and doesn’t tolerate minor inconveniences such as the Air Conditioning being out or not being able to sleep two covers deep while the HVAC is set to 65 degrees. Truth be told: I am already politicking to be the tribal leader of my neighborhood. (Sucks to your assmar, neighbor guy!)

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