Famous Book Synopsis (By A.P. Miller)

Before I had my diagnosis of ADHD, a lot of people thought I was lazy and uninspired. After a few years of being told what a fuck-off you are, you start leaning into it a little bit. My penchant for sloth was rivaled only by my gift for spite & contempt. In late 1995, my mother had to sign one of my social studies tests because I got a bad grade on it. She asks “Did you really answer a question about how European colonists expanded through South America with ‘they walked’?” Why yes, Mama, I did.

Note: I got the second-highest GPA in that fifth-grade class that year. That teacher, who looked WAY too much like her husband for people not to talk about it, had a hate-boner for your truly.

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Welcome to the Future: How Will the 1920’s Stack Up Against the 2020’s When Compared?

I’ll admit it: I hated reading the Great Gatsby the first time through. If memory serves, I didn’t like being told I had to read the novel, the substitute that was teaching the novel didn’t seem too enthused about reading it — if no one is going to give a rat’s ass whether I learned something about a novel or not, why should I? It wouldn’t be until much later that I picked up the novel again and appreciated it a lot more when I didn’t have a high school curriculum trying to homestead the furthest reaches of my colon. That, is a story for another time.

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