“Well, Duh!” – Six Obvious Signs That I Should Have Been a Writer (That I Completely Missed)

I’m having an anarchist moment — as of late, I’ve been putting out blogs focused on the people out there who have aspirations to be writers. I’m sharing any wisdom I may have gained, mostly because I have a sincere problem with the way people want you to buy their wisdom from them. I’ve always heard that “the game is to be sold, not to be told.” I don’t agree with that one bit — the way I see it, if I have information that may benefit you, I feel that it’s my obligation to share it with you! There is enough creative energy for everyone and enough room at the writer’s table for everyone to contribute a few pages to the history of humanity.

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Story Time – PRYM Directive: Exterminate!

As pictured above: Mike, Matt, Myself, & Shawn

In my daily life, i’m something of an extrovert — I am not shy about going up and introducing myself to people, I’m usually not shy to contribute to a conversation, and I will usually try to make people around me at ease. If you hadn’t met me before I developed this aspect of myself, you’d never know that I was a very anxious, shy kid for most of my school-age life. I couldn’t go to the store without teetering on an anxious episode, new people made me uneasy, and public speaking absolutely terrified me. Continue reading “Story Time – PRYM Directive: Exterminate!”

Explaining 2018 to H.G. Wells

Time travel is one of my favorite fictitious plot devices. The concept is practically the cheapest way of getting yourself out of a plot jam — “Oh crud, how does the hero get out of this predicament that I’ve written myself into? I’ve got it! He travels back in time and saves himself!” The tawdriness of it aside, I can thank one Mr. Herbert George Wells for introducing the literary device into the public consciousness. H.G. Wells wrote such prototypical novels as “War of the Worlds” and “The Time Machine.” Continue reading “Explaining 2018 to H.G. Wells”

Things That Made Sense to My Younger Self (That Are Absolute Madness to My Adult Self).

Cringe. That’s the only reaction that makes sense when I think back to some of the things that I used to contribute to my style: I cringe. If I’m going to count my blessings on this aspect, it’s that not everyone had a camera phone when I was a teenager and some of the absolutely foolish things that my era did as children won’t come back to haunt us (outside of oral tradition). The generation after this one is going to have a field day arguing parental directive with photographic evidence. Continue reading “Things That Made Sense to My Younger Self (That Are Absolute Madness to My Adult Self).”

Lyric Study: The Sultans of Swing

When we think about vehicles to tell stories with, the obvious come to mind: novels, short stories, television, and movies even. Do we, as consumers of fiction, give enough credit to songs as vehicles for a story to be conveyed? The short answer is: songs are one of the supreme storytelling methods. This week, I’m going to talk about my favorite example: “The Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits. Continue reading “Lyric Study: The Sultans of Swing”