15 *Technically* True Facts About A.P. Miller

Ask my younger sister, she’ll tell you. While I’m not the man who invented the loophole, I sure exploited it like I did. My poor mother, what a challenge it must have been to raise such a wiseass child such as myself. When Mom would give an order, I’d follow it, according to its most vague interpretation. For example: Mom would tell me that I couldn’t have chocolate ice cream for dinner …but she didn’t say a damn thing about chowing down on a pint of Breyers for lunch, did she? It’s this sort of thing that’s going to haunt me when I become a parent, mark my words. Continue reading “15 *Technically* True Facts About A.P. Miller”

A Saturday in the Life of A.P. Miller

I don’t necessarily look forward to Saturdays — I really like my day job and the people I work with, so …c’est la vie. What I do enjoy about Saturdays is that I will typically have an entire day to create and hopefully type towards my ultimate goal of being a Pulitzer Prize Winning, New York Times Best Selling Author. I still work towards my word count during the weekday evenings (and even holidays), but Saturday is mine to do with what I like. To celebrate such a day, I’ve decided to break down what tomorrow will look like for me. Continue reading “A Saturday in the Life of A.P. Miller”

Ask An Author with A.P. Miller (Volume 1)

While I’m waiting for my novels to become New York Times Best Sellers, I’ve decided to broaden my horizons and skill sets by starting an advice column. Truly, someone who writes fiction and wields sarcasm the way a medieval knight would wield a sword to slay a dragon should be your number one choice for advice dispensary. Continue reading “Ask An Author with A.P. Miller (Volume 1)”